Vernal / Uintah Cty.
495 East Main Street
Vernal, UT. 84078

Fire Station #435-789-0988 Fire Chief - Sam Howard #435-828-6718 email Assistant Chief - Randy Batty #435-828-7152

Naples Fire Station
1368 E Weatherby Dr.
Naples UT. 84078

Fire Chief - Brett Reynolds #435-790-3635 email

Jensen Fire Station
8621 East Hwy 40 PO Box 64
Jensen UT, 84035

Fire Chief - Chance Kay Station # 435-789-0476 Chief # 435-828-0831

Lapoint Fire Station
9839 East 7000 North
Lapoint UT, 84039

Fire Chief - Tyler Mckee Station # 435-247-2577 Chief # 435-790-5430

Avalon Fire Station
4614 South 14500 East
Randlette, UT. 84063

Fire Chief - Joey Rodriguez email-

Vernal/Maeser Fire Substation
1015 North 3500 West
Vernal, UT

This substation was built in 2017. It is operated by the Vernal/Uintah County Fire Department. Fire Chief - Sam Howard


Uintah County is covered by multiple fire departments. In those areas not covered by BLM, Forest Service, or Indian lands, fire protection and hazardous materials response is provided by volunteer fire departments. The members of these departments are dedicated personnel who put in many hours of their own time to do the training required to protect life and property when the need arises. The citizenship of Uintah County is very proud of those who serve so selflessly.

Emergency Phone Number: 911
Non-emergency Phone Number: 789-4222